Experience Arena TPS Multiplayer Perfection
in the beautiful graphics of
Unreal Engine 5

Immerse into our high-speed, engaging, ultra fun third person competitive shooter with 9 Ascendants to choose from. Experience tactical reflex esports in a innovative way unlike anything you've ever seen!

The Ultimate Esports Platform

Era.S Decode is the Zenith Experience of Competitive Arena Play!
Gameplay balanced by a National Tournament Winning FPS Pro, who has been involved in the eSports scene for 20 years, bringing his decades of experience in playing at the highest skill level of elite tier play to be able to present the most advanced dynamic meta of multiplayer TPS that the world has ever encountered before! Expect full tournament leagues with dev-powered Pro sponsorships in the near future.

While designed for Pro-level eSports, there are many core elements to the game's multiplayer infrastructure that is meticulously built to be accessible & fun for newcomers to the competitive genre too.Featuring Multi-Weapon types to choose from for every individual battle scenario. Players are able to quick switch between various guns on the fly at an instance turnaround to be able to adapt what suits their real-time decision making best. Never finding themselves at a disadvantage to opposing players by not being fairly equipped, our gameplay is strongly geared to very highly reward the more skilled player & absolutely minimize the luck factor to determine who wins each of our matches.
Very Strong Developer Support/No Microtransactions.
Beginning May 1st 2024, we will be releasing new skins for guns & characters every week, along with new maps twice a month. We want our players to have ALL the new items that we work hard to develop to keep our game meta a fresh & exciting experience for our users as time progresses. Therefore, there will NEVER be any additional charges for any in-game content. Earn all Characters, Legendary Guns, Vanities, etc...all unlockable just by playing, not by paying extra.Early Access is a complete multiplayer experience in itself, though we have big plans for the future of Era.S Decode with vastly major feature expansion overhauls of Open World Questing, Heavy Class + Abilities MP mode, Mini-games, & so much more content that we will be releasing before year's end.Subscribed Premium Members to the Cosmic Sagas All Access Pass will be able to play from the Library of dozens (50+) of other new top-quality phenomenally epic games along with Era.S Decode in our publisher's catalogue, all included for only $6.00 per month. These other titles will be released every Friday, beginning Summer'24.

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